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Passionate About Inspiring Others

Yoga In The Fjords is the idea and love child of Mari Westad. Growing up in the fjords on Norway she is passionate about sharing the incredible nature and scenery. Being based in Australia where she's teaching yoga and working in marketing management, Mari always make sure she goes back to Norway for the stunning Scandinavian summer.

Mari started her yoga journey when moving to Australia four years ago to undertake a bachelor degree in business management and entrepreneurship. Being a dancer she has always loved expressing herself through her body, and when experiencing pain in her neck, shoulders and lower back after working in the corporate field she decided to resign her job to study to become a certified yoga teacher. After trying several styles both in Australia and Bali (kundalini, knoff yoga, yoga synergy and yogalates) she decided to commence a RYT200 at Krishna Village (close to Byron Bay) in vinyasa flow & hatha yoga.

Mari's classes are lighthearted yoga classes welcoming all bodies and levels. Rather than focusing on advanced poses Mari is taking it back a notch exploring what yoga essentially is; a moving meditation where the movements are lead by the breath incorporating modifications and options for more advanced, and greener, yogis. With a background in social psychology and coaching at The University of Western Australia Mari shares her wisdom and thoughts during the classes creating a personal connection with her students. Her Scandinavian humour and lightheartedness shines through her classes, and chances are you will have a laugh.

"Yoga is not a competition nor does it include a 'no pain no gain-philosophy'. Yoga is about feeling good and letting go. It's about relaxing those tense shoulders and connecting with breath, mind and realising that there's a higher purpose in life than gaining 1000 followers on Instagram or being a perfect human being. I am passionate about inspiring others to feel better about themselves."


If you would like to contact Mari please email

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